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Oh How I love my dog 🐶

Yes the saying has always been true, “a dog is a mans best friend”. I laugh at myself because I am a woman that has a dog as a close friend, more like family. I mean the only thing that he doesn’t do is talk ( only in his doggy way). The thing is I know exactly what he says by the wag of his tail to the deep look he gives me when he is hungry in the morning. Funny Noah and doctor Do Little was not the only ones with connections to the animal world millions have followed.

His name is max and what is your four legged pet name that no amount of money can buy? Could the love for an animal be just as deep as a human or deeper ,scary many will not admit it but our dogs has something special we as owners need.

Dogs bring so much joy into homes for decades now that they have a strong reputation of being major love part of life in general. Many have only had their dogs to protect them, listen to them, and find comfort and many dogs have saved lives from these lifelong connections.

For me, my love is new, fresh because life is different now. I have my dog to take care of and that makes me go harder at life, especially if one doesn’t have kids. One day I will enjoy the space of children but as of now Max is my child. Like for many others that have kids or do not. Dogs! All different types and breeds with so many personalities will keep humans steady until the end of the world.